Death Valley Lodging Company

·   The staff at Death Valley operates like a family. The setting is very quiet with brilliant night skies and incredible hiking. Staff events such as movie nights, the Night Sky program and sitting around the firepit bring the staff close. Most comments from staff focus on the “family-like” feel of all working together and building lasting friendships.

·   The 83-room hotel is sold out on most nights during the peak summer months and the 2 restaurants are always very busy. There is also a fuel station that is part of the retail operation and our training programs are exceptional.

·   This is a National Park and the visitor schedule is cyclical but the summer months bring a lot of tourists throughout the country and world to experience the record setting heat. All buildings are air conditioned and employees are not expected to work outdoors in soaring heat.

·   There is an employee lounge which is fully furnished with a library, tv and game table. There is also an on-site gym with nice workout equipment.

·   Free company shuttle to Las Vegas for an overnight stay or day trip (2.5-hour drive)

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