Icy Strait Point

·   Icy Strait Point, owned and operated by Huna Totem Corporation, is a private port located near the small community of Hoonah on Chicagaof Island. This is a perfect location for students who love the outdoors and want a unique summer experience in Alaska. Icy Strait Point is a cruise destination and is only open when we have a ship in port; Icy Strait Point is also open to the public at these times.

·   Hoonah roots lie in the fishing cannery business, but now the town focuses more on tourism and hosts thousands of international guests who arrive by cruise ship throughout the summer season.

·   Free transportation provided to and from work.

·   The site offers over a dozen excursions, including the largest zip line in the world, several restaurant venues and numerous retail shops. We specialize in Native Tlingit culture, unspoiled wilderness and Alaska-sized adventures.

·   Students will receive certification for some training courses undertaken, such as CPR and First Aid. Students will be given an Employee Handbook upon arrival which will outline in detail all company policies and expectations.

·   IMPORTANT: This is a very isolated but beautiful area. Operational days depend on cruise ship days.  Non-cruise ship days are considered off days. Students will have access to whale watch boat to take them back and forth to Juneau when cruise ships are not scheduled. Students cannot expect second jobs.

·   Hoonah is a small community and much of the joy of living here comes from the peaceful, outdoor, unique lifestyle. •There is no shopping mall, movie theater, drug store, shoe store or clothing store. No bank, bowling alley, hotel, supermarket, florist or spa. No doctors, dentists, lawyers or realtors. •There are no hiking trails. Although we are in a rural, densely forested, largely uninhabited (by humans) location, there is a high concentration of Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears (or grizzlies)

·   Creating appropriate and realistic expectations is critical when hiring someone to come and live in our very beautiful, but accessibly remote location. •It is four miles of paved road from one end of town to the other. After that there are miles of old, unpaved logging roads. Driving about 25 miles will take you to the end of the road in two different directions. •There are two small grocery stores and everything is flown or barged into town. Prices are high and variety of product is limited.•There are four eating establishments in Hoonah, two of which have a bar. ISP has several additional food and beverage venues but is open for business only when a cruise ship is in port.•There are several churches, a health clinic, a post office, a fish processing plant, a harbor, a marine store, a hardware store, a library, a coffee shop, a few ATMs and a liquor store. There is one small lodge and a few Bed and Breakfast facilities.

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